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Beyond Academics - The 7 Life Skills that Your Child Needs to Thrive

The world moves fast, and, as a parent, you know that you will not always be by your child’s side to guide them. Thus, they must be able to adapt and grow - to thrive - in a world full of challenges.

Your child’s school should do more than give them knowledge. It should also equip them with valuable life skills. With those skills, your child will be able to apply what they are taught in school and become leaders that others will follow. That’s why, at St. John Lutheran School, we offer an individualized, faith-based approach to education. An approach that nurtures and develops the whole child - mind, body and spirit. We want your child to be fully prepared for the world into which they will soon enter.

We believe that a productive and meaningful life, rooted in
faith, relies on mastering seven key life skills.

They are:


With the saturation of social media into nearly every facet of our lives, meaningful and productive personal connections are becoming increasingly rare, yet desperately needed. At St. John Lutheran School, we emphasize the importance of interpersonal relationships and focus on fostering positive interactions with others as kindred children of God.

Core Values

The core values and beliefs that your child develops are precious. They represent your faith, your heritage, and their future. At St. John Lutheran School, our foundation is Jesus Christ and his teachings as found in the Bible. We support the core values and beliefs that you hold most dear and teach your child to live according to those beliefs.

Serving Others

Selflessness is a rare trait in a world that seems to celebrate self-centeredness. Learning to serve others is a skill that pays dividends in every area of life.

With serving, comes generosity - the ability to give to others what you have to make their lives better. Think about how generosity plays a role in building healthy relationships, helping those less fortunate, and sharing ideas with the world.

At St. John Lutheran School, we encourage our students to see
the inherent value of all human life and provide many opportunities
to serve God by serving others.

Problem Solving Skills

The ability to think critically and apply what they know will keep your child grounded in a complex world. Conflict is inevitable and there will always be challenges to overcome. At St. John Lutheran School our teachers focus on helping each student carefully examine an issue and how to develop sound approaches for positive outcomes.

With problem solving skills, your child will be able to think for themselves when differing opinions are being offered, discern God’s truth in difficult situations, and apply the wisdom of the Bible to achieve the best solutions in every area of their life.


When your child eventually leaves home and ventures out into the world, they must be able to thrive on their own. Having the tools to discern right from wrong and how to develop an effective response to any situation is important, but your child must then choose to remain true to their beliefs and values.

Students at St. John learn to take ownership in the decisions that they make and take responsibility for their actions.


It can be tempting to teach a child to live a life fearing mistakes. However, mistakes are inevitable. Failure is part of life and, handled correctly, helps your child face adversity in a strong and confident manner.

Resiliency is the ability to learn from your mistakes. It’s the ability to fail, get back up, and try again. It’s one of the most crucial life skills your child should learn.

At St. John Lutheran School, our students learn that anything worth pursuing in life is going to involve risk. That is the nature of a faith-directed life. Resiliency involves embracing that risk, moving forward with confidence, and pushing past our comfort zones.


Stewardship is the practice of caring for blessings in your life as gifts from God entrusted to your care. At St. John, we teach our students to recognize the gifts that God has given each of us, how to care for them, and, most importantly, how to use our time, talents, and treasures to help others.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. - Proverbs 13:22

This, perhaps, might be the most important life skill of all. Our children must learn to steward everything: their faith, their beliefs, their finances, their relationships, the knowledge they gain - all of it is part of the inheritance they leave to the next generation.

The SJL Difference

With these crucial life skills, your child will adapt, succeed, and thrive in whatever future God has in store for them. They will not follow the crowd…they will lead the way.

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Here’s to a thriving future for your children,

Jay Lindsey, Jr.

St. John Lutheran School

Beyond Academics

The 7 Life Skills that Your Child Must Learn in order to Succeed in Life.

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