Financial Gifts

Gods Blessings Shared with Others

Each year, St. John Lutheran School provides Christian education for hundreds of children. Your financial gifts are important as they support an environment of academic excellence. Your gifts allow for such things as upgrades to our facilities and enhancements to our technology in order to modernize our students’ learning environment. Your gifts also provide tuition assistance to students in need and ensure that no child is denied a Christian education due to a lack of financial resources. Each financial pledge or contribution strengthens the service St. John Lutheran school can provide to the families of our community.

St. John Lutheran School is a 501(c)(3) charity entitling donors to a tax deduction as prescribed by law.

Endowment Funds Contribution

The St. John Lutheran Endowment Fund supports our school, youth programs, and provides for building renovations. Each year the fund provides support to our ministry and our effort to share the Gospel.

Online Donations

If you would like to make an electronic contribution to SJL please click the button below.

Gift of Cash

Most contributions to St. John Lutheran are gifts of cash. Gifts of cash, or checks payable to St. John Lutheran School, may be made in person or mailed to the following address, though the mailing of cash is not recommended.
St. John Lutheran School
c/o Business Manager
222 N. Stafford St.
Plymouth, WI 53073

Gift of Stock

St. John Lutheran School gladly accepts gifts of publicly traded stock. Stock gifts can often have significant tax benefits for the donor including both a charitable income tax deduction valued at the time of transfer to the charity as well as possible avoidance of capital gains tax. To make a gift of stock, please call the office for more information.

In Kind Donations

St. John Lutheran School appreciates gifts-in-kind. For example, donations of equipment or musical instruments can often be used by the school. The donor determines the fair market value of the gift through appraisal or market comparisons.

Planned Gift

Please contact the office to learn more about the many ways in which you can make a planned gift to our ministry.

Thrivent Financial Customer

Thrivent Financial may designate funds to St. John Lutheran Church and School in Plymouth WI through the “Thrivent Choice" program.

Matching Gifts

We strongly encourage you to explore the possibility of maximizing your contributions through corporate gift matching programs. Many corporations match as much as 100% of charitable contributions that their employees make to educational institutions. Also, some organizations will match contributions made by retirees, employees’ spouses, or board members.

Please check with your human resources office to determine if your employer participates in this valuable program. If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your gift. We will do the rest. The impact of your gift to St. John Lutheran School may easily be doubled!