Why Choose SJL?


St. John Lutheran School has been serving western Sheboygan County for well over 150 years. During that time, we have developed a loyal following and the respect of the community as a quality, faith-based school. We are eager to serve those who entrust their children to our care and the Plymouth area as a whole. We encourage you to read the testimonials below and find out for yourself what makes SJL so special.

Patty M.

"When our daughter first went to St. John Lutheran School we intended to only do 3-K and then start her at 4-K in a public school thereafter, but as the year came close to the end and the sign up for 4-K came around we decided to stay.  The staff is really friendly and they just made us feel so welcomed.  Our daughter would come home from school and tell us how she enjoyed her day at school and couldn’t wait to go back...and still does until this day which she now is in 1st grade at SJL.  We have another daughter who just started 3-K at SJL this year.   She also enjoys attending there as well from the reactions we see."

Megan L.

"Although I've only been a part of this school for two years, it's been a great place to learn and grow in the faith. Every day, we are faced with a challenging curriculum and good teachers who always push us to do our best. St. John offers so many extra-curricular activities too, so there's always something to do, like basketball, track, drama, and forensics. St. John has helped me grow in the faith so much. I am thankful to be a part of such a wonderful school."

Amy M.

"SJL is a great place because it helps families to lay the foundation of Faith in every child. What's more, SJL continues to be a beacon of light to those families who have a desire to have their child/children attend whom would otherwise not be able to afford to attend.  The school and church family is truly dedicated to providing funding to those who otherwise would not have the funding to do so.  I feel very blessed to be a part of the SJL family.  This is the true act of Christ's love for all.  Thank you SJL!!"

Frank & Dawn H.

"We are grateful for SJL church and school  as the dedicated teachers, pastors and staff have helped us as parents build a solid foundation for our children. We can’t imagine our children attending school another place. While no place is perfect, we consider our time spent at SJL a privilege and one of God’s greatest blessings for our family. The teachers hold high expectations while making learning fun, relevant and all rooted in God’s word. Christ is ever present in the classrooms. Our church members  , teachers, and other families have become our “extended family” after 11 years . We believe that SJL is the best we can give our children greatly because of what the teachers, pastors, and staff give every day . We want to leave a legacy of Jesus in our children’s hearts to live in this broken world . We know the things our children have learned are permanently  etched in their brain for the days when they are no longer children. These eternal things are what truly matter to us."

John & Sarah S.

"This is a school that is full of God's love! We are so blessed to have both of our girls attending this amazing school. We know that Christ is in every classroom. We couldn't be happier with the teachers and staff. Two thumbs up!"